Welcome to Wanderlucky.com, with current hikes around Mohave County in northwest Arizona, plus Big John's tales of backpacking and kayaking around the southwest USA

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Mohave County
is a big place

It needs us to hike on it a lot. Come and join other unusual people like yourself who aren't put off by jagged rocks, cactus, and the occasional reptile. Heck, that's why we go out there! Besides, it's not all desert; tall piney peaks offer relief from the heat and the Colorado River beckons with hiking and kayaking galore. Think "Grand Canyon..."

There's nothing to buy, no contracts to sign, just irregular and informal hikes in the interesting parts of our county. Big John usually leads, but others sometimes do so as well.

Enter Mohave County Hiking and Biking

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Jamie Ann

This woman seems to have walked half the Earth and lived to write about it. On top of that, she engenders rather beguiling poetry, but hey, no one's perfect!