Boquillas Ranch

Difficulties: 700 foot climb, easy to moderate,
but the full out 'n back is thirty miles plus

Trailshot: Imagine bopping along Route sixty-six east of Peach Springs. Your eye is attracted a few miles northeast to a towering 1200 foot tall cliff line, paralleling the highway. You think: "Zounds! Could'st there be a fine old road atop yon craggy battlements?" You're way ahead of me.
  First, it's a moderate 700 foot vertical rise, over a five mile strech up to the cliff edge, (6500 feet up!) then south along it for a double handfull o' miles (one way). Note: There are smallish rocks along some parts of the cliff top, but good suspension will handle it.
  Meanwhile, back on the ranch, your soul is expanding into the Xtra-large Western Spaces around you. True, this ride ain't real exciting, but that's not the point. If you don't know what the point is, think 'endorphine high'.

 Where is it?

Rolling off 66, Boquillas Ranch (bo-key-as) provides thirty minutes of 'motorhome ready' dirt road leading up to GO at tank #097.

From Kingman go seventy miles east on route 66, past milepost 122. Watch for a big gated dirt road with the legend 'PICA CAMP'. Turn left and head up the road a couple of miles 'till you reach the ranch compound gate. On the right there is a book, which you must fill out, and a sack of vehicle passes. Take one and display it in the windshield of your sled.

This ranch (owned by the Navaho Nation) has been 'adopted' by the state of Arizona, and the pass system is mostly to deter game thieves. (play the game, people)

Drive straight thru the compound and continue up the main road, straight into Rhodes Canyon, piercing the cliffs ahead. Eleven miles of smooth cruising (from the highway) brings you to a side road on the right, near a big steel water tank labeled #097.

You're there.

 Map of Boquillas Ranch
On The Edge

Head up the doubletrack southeast, passing by the right turn at two-tenths miles (cool campsite), to an earthen stock tank at one mile. Behind the tank the road splits and goes up different canyons.

Go right. (directly south)

The climb is enough to break a sweat, and steepens up alot just before a 'false edge' at two miles or so. Buck up I say! 'Cause the remander of the rise is much more interesting, tantalizing with partial views down Rhodes Canyon.

Continue straight on past a side road that branches left at 2.5 miles.

The track curves up and around to the west, reaching the cliff edge at five miles.

Here the road goes south for an estimated ten miles (see map), gently rising and falling, very open the first few miles, then becoming more wooded. There is no obvious stopping point, and those pesky little rocks are slightly draggy, so mileage may vary.

 The Aubrey Cliffs